Income Protection Insurance

Ask yourself one question: "If I were unable to work, how would I pay my bills?".

The answer to this question is the reason Emily places Income Protection Insurance

right at the top of his priorities for you and your family.

Emily offers a range of products, from a number of insurers, which empowers us, together, to tailor a plan specifically for you, and hopefully to give you the answers you need.

Whether you receive sick-pay from your employer, or you need the benefit and cover to start right from day one, he will match a plan to your needs - and more importantly; your budget.


At every step, he makes sure that you receive the most suitable cover.


Many insurers are only interested in "good risk", others have their own definition of incapacity. Some insurers say that if you can do ANY job, you are not eligible to receive the benefit.

Nexus help you to navigate these potential pit-falls and make sure that Emily comes with a plan that offers real protection for you and your family when you need it most; when you actually have to make a claim.

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